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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  February 15, 2013 7:00am-8:59am EST

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fox5 morning news at 7 :00 starts right now. >> there's your live look outside. a beautiful view of our sky this morning looks to be a nice day, despite the fact things are falling around the sky. it's friday, february 15th. the day after valentine's day. good morning, i'm tony perkins. >> i'm alison seymour. >> a nounier ball in the sky this morning. wait until you see the video. a meteor crashes through the atmosphere in russia. some thought it was an earthquake, and others thought it was a nuclear attack. it caused intense loud and a loud bang. shock waves blew out glass and buildings in six cities and up
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to 500 people were injured by flying glass. >> another astronomical event happens later today. an astroid is due to make a close fly by of planet earth. but nasa says there's no chance the 150-foot astroid will hit us. at the closest point it will be 17,000 miles from earth, and that's closer than weather and tv satellites that are in orbit. we're giving you mixed messages there. we're saying it's not far, but it's closer than weather and tv satellites. okay. greg was in here, and i was happy to hear his explanation of things. >> he says we don't have to worry about it. in the meantime, do we have to worry about the weather? here's tucker barnes with the answer. potentially so. thank you very much. not this morning. lots of sunshine. cool start to the day. later this afternoon, rain showers move in for the evening commute and might transition to snow later tonight.
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a lot going on weather-wise. 37 now at reagan national. 34 this morning dulles. bwi marshall 33 degrees. make sure the kids are bundled up. we're not concerned with rain and/or snow the first half of the day. satellite radar, generally sunny skies the first half of your day. clouds will quickly increase. late this afternoon, see the rain showers into kentucky and pushing into western tennessee? that will start to move in with a frontal system that will arrive later today. we'll get rain showers around here. temperatures later today will be on the mild side. maybe low to mid-50s ahead of that front. front moves in. we get rain shower, cold air behind that front mixes in later tonight. could see that transition quickly tonight, 9:00, 10:00, 11:00 tonight from rain to snow. and by tomorrow morning, there could be some small accumulations for parts of the area. that's your near term forecast. and we'll talk more about the possibilities for more weekend
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snow coming up. low 50s today. showers arriving by about 5:00 p.m. could transition to snow later tonight. let's do traffic with julie wright. >> good morning. it's been quite busy on the east side of town. second accident involving an overturned vehicle on the inbound stretch of route 50 in maryland before you reach 410. vehicles are upright. however, big tieups inbound on route 50 headed to cheverly. stick with the bw parkway from the beltway headed to the new york kenilworth avenue split. westbound on 50 where the delay begins, after 704, continuing towards 410. a couple of miles of slow traffic inbound on 50 this morning. heads up, grab that cup of joe to go. outer loop of the beltway, below speed between 95 and georgia avenue. eastbound on 66 where we have
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slow traffic leaving manassas, traffic tied up again through centreville. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. thank you, julie. we have a news alert out of alabama, where late last night thousands of stranded cruise ship passengers arrived on solid ground after being stuck at sea for nearly a week. this morning they are enjoying relief after what is being described as nightmarish conditions. >> they were stranded with no power, no running water, limited food and conditions getting worse by the minute. fox5's sherri ly is live in the newsroom with the latest. good morning. >> good morning. the crippled cruise ship triumph is still in the port in mobile, alabama. thankfully the passengers are all in hotels or on buses after enduring a horrendous voyage. people cheered as the ship arrived last night. more than 4,000 people spent
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five days aboard the ship which lost power. passengers complained of over flowing toilets and a foul stench. buses took passengers to hotels or back to texas. corn val admits the triumph had been having mechanical problems in the weeks leading up to the cruise. but some passengers found it unforgivable. >> cabins ankle deep in sewage. it was a mess. everybody was using buckets to do what they had to do. >> it was horrible, the urine, seeing the feces walking down the hall. >> not angry, just happy to be home. >> dozens of planned voyages against the triumph have been canceled. the national transportation safety board will be investigating. we asked on our facebook page, are you going to think twice before you book a cruise.
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here are some responses. i booked a trip for april, and after this, not sure if i want to cruise. a different opinion from michelle who said, i'm going on two this year. i may consider not using carnival, but you can't really help an engine fire. carnival is giving the passengers a full refund, discounts on future cruises and $500 compensation. whether or not some of them will take them up on the offers, not very clear. back to you. >> sherri ly, thank you very much. in other news this morning -- well, let me go here. in other news this morning, we want to let you know about -- okay, here we are. thank you. new developments in the case of the olympic aspirinner charged
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in the -- sprinter charged in the shooting death of his girlfriend. oscar pistorius has made his first appearance in the case. sarah simmons is following this. >> oscar pistorius known as blade runner was to be in court yesterday, but it was postponed. he had his head mostly covered as he was led into the courthouse today. during the proceeding prosecutors said they'll pursue a charge of premeditated murder. pistorius is accused of shooting and killing his girlfriend, model reeva steenkamp, inside his home early yesterday morning. she was shot four times in the head and arm. prosecutors did not present specific evidence why they were going after the more serious ch pistorius reportedly went throughout the hearing. meantime, we are hearing from reeva steenkamp's family. >> pans out at the end of the
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day we will all know the true story. but must never forget what reeva stood for. she loved people. she loved everybody. and it was her heart. >> pistorius' home is inside a gated community. officers found a 9-millimeter pistol inside the home. thank you very much. in other news this morning, the manhunt is officially over in california. remains found in a burned out big bear lake cabin have been identified as ex police officer christopher dorner. it is not known this morning if he died from a gunshot wound or from the fire. we're also learning dorner researched some of his victims before killing them. that's according to court documents. dorner was seeking revenge against the los angeles police department for his firing.
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he killed several people, including police officers. the family of a murder victim in alexandria is speaking out to fox 5. an autopsy confirmed that the 94- year-old was killed. he was found dead inside his holly street home wednesday in what appears to be a violent attack. we spoke with the victim's wife and stepson who didn't want to be identified. >> we were going to have our 13th anniversary july 20th. [crying] it doesn't make any sense to me. >> to have his life ended in this horrible tragic way, it just breaks my heart. joe, rest in peace. it's just overwhelming. >> police have not made an arrest in this case. they did arrest a woman, however, for robbing the home
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last november. officers won't say how they identified her as a suspect in that case. but the home is surrounded by security cameras. a judge is promising transcripts will be released in the chandra levy guys. the public will learn more about the sealed hearings into the 2001 murder. closed door hearings in recent weeks could signal a problem with the prosecution. after two and a half hours of sealed hearings yesterday, judge fisher said partial transcripts with some redactions will be made available in the next week. tony? 18 americans will be honored by the president this morning when he awards them with the 2012 presidential citizens medal. it's the second highest civilian honor in the nation, and is given to those who perform extraordinary acts to help their fellow citizens. among those, the six teachers
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and administrators killed in last year's elementary school shooting in connecticut. several d.c. area residents will be honored as well. there are a couple of events marking the anniversary of the battle of iwo jima. a presentation is scheduled at 11:30 this morning at the museum of the marine corps in triangle, virginia. and tomorrow morning at 8:30 there's a symposium in arlington. veterans and their families along with military educators and historians are invited. the clean plate rule. one restaurant is charging customers who don't finish their meal, straight ahead. >> but first, something fishy is going on at spring training. you don't want to miss the uninvited guest that dropped into practice. >> a bright future for people with a rare disease. the fda approves the so-called bionic eye. find out how it works. >> in the meantime, here's a live look outside, as we head
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to the break. beautiful day ahead, but that may change late today or tonight. we've going to a check of the forecast and the roads from tucker and julie when we come back. it's 7:11. ♪ >> love this song. [ harry umlaut ] here we go. [ sally umlaut ] what? the five stages of muller. ah yes... stage one: suspicion. "it's a yogurt, how good can it be?" stage two: revision. "actually, this ain't bad." stage three: surprise! "look at this cool cornery thing! i love this stuff!!" stage four: desolation.
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good morning. it's 7:15. in our health watch, hope for those struggling to see food and drug administrations a approved the first artificial retina. it's designed to help patients with a disease that damages a person's ability to tell light from dark. the product has already been implanted in 50 adults overseas and could be available in the u.s. later this year. they're calling it the bionic eye.
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that's amazing. >> it is amazing. >> that is one field where some really fantastic strides are being made in terms of vision repair, vision restoration. still a long way to go, depending on the disease, but they're really making great strides. >> it's hard to imagine living and doing without sight. but so many people do it well. but it would be nice to make advances. >> yeah. >> what's going on out there today? >> a lot of weather to talk about. action packed day and weekend here potentially. let's get right to it. this morning looks fine. no issues with the morning commute. just on the cold side with some sunshine. 37 now at reagan national. 32 boston. 30 columbus. we're going to warm up into the low 50s today. don't be fooled. when you get a one-day warmup and cold air behind the frontal system arriving later this afternoon and tonight. morning satellite and radar looks fine. nice and quiet at the moment. partly sunny here for the next couple of hours, then the clouds will roll in later
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today. see the rain showers breaking out into kentucky and western tennessee? those will move in and with it the chance for rain showers in time for the evening rain shower. this will be moving in very quickly, on an active upper level jet. area of low pressure will develop and that will enhance our chances for rain, perhaps transitioning to snow for parts of the area later tonight. just like a few nights ago, could be enough to coat the ground. could be light accumulations. no advisories of any kind. >> might the flakes be big and chunky like the other night? >> only if it's book ended with rain. >> a chance the flakes could be big tonight. and another coastal storm tomorrow night, i'll have more on that coming up. the best chance of that east of washington. >> also, an astroid could strike the earth. >> i'm not forecasting that. there's a possibility. >> julie, just once can money not fall from the sky?
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>> no, could it fall from the sky. >> that would be nice. >> nobody would complain if they got hit in the head with a $20 bill. tony, when you talk about big and chunky, talking about bits of cookie in ice cream. we showed you this camera and it was gridlocked. the accident has cleared, so lanes are open again. let's continue with our map. been busy this morning on the east side of town. accident occurred on the outer loop of the beltway. it has cleared to the shoulder. down to about 16 miles per hour on the outer loop. inner loop, rubber necking delay. accident tying up the right side of the highway. drive northbound on 395. the accident activity was tying up the two right lanes, but has cleared. backup leaving the pentagon. that's a check of your fox 5 on time traffic.
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world series or bust. that's nats' manager's viewpoint. they have the motivation to make it happen. but let's hope they don't get uninvited guests. players say a bird dropped a fish on the field yesterday. little welcome to florida, boys. after a few minutes of gawking, ian desmond threw it over the fence. in our 9:00 hour we'll get a look at how things are shaping up and perhaps what kind of fish that was. starting today the racing
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presidents. vote on who you think will win on twitter, with the #votebill and voteteddy. bruce allen is standing firm on the team's name. he said it's ludicrous to suggest the franchise is trying to upset native americans. he says they won't buckle in to people who think the name is offensive. he gave his opinion yesterday if he groundbreaking for the new training facility. the new facility is expected to bring $40 million worth of investments to the city and hundreds of jobs. imagine giving up an 81- mile commute to work for $217 million. sounds like a dream, right? it's not for this man. coming up, we'll introduce you to virginia's newest multimillionaire. >> security and leftovers. the bizarre fees that two restaurants are tacking on
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customers' bill ahead. >> later this hour, your favorite disney stars hitting the ice. holly is checking out the treasure trove. we'll be right back. it's 7:20 now. ♪ a whole new world ♪
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power ball number first. i went, oh, i won a couple of dollars. i started going left to right, and my hands were shaking so bad i couldn't believe it. >> a fredericksburg, virginia man is now $217 million richer. he hit the power ball jackpot. his name is dave honeywell and he and his wife are base workers. their daily commute is 81 miles each way. not for long. nancy is planning to retire in the next two weeks. at least she gave two weeks. >> yes. >> and dave says he'll wrap up within the next month and a
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half so he can finish a project he's been working on there. first plan for the cash, a brand-new big home to spend the rest of their days in. >> that's great. that's great. good for them. >> i love it. one waffle house franchise in atlanta is charging customers to pay for security. >> that's right. apparently crime was so bad in the area that management decided to hire an off-duty police officer. their signs regarding the property management surcharge posted all over the restaurant and on menus. one waitress says she has seen a much calmer crowd since the charge went in effect. but customers are also leaving less in the form of tips. it's not security that people have to worry about in japan. rumor has it that one restaurant is charging people who don't eat their entire meal. >> that means you can't even leave one grain of rice. a blogger posted about the seafood restaurant's new rule which applies only to its
7:26 am
feature dish, the salmon roe. the restaurant believe the fishermen put their lives in da to show appreciation, anyone who doesn't eat the entire meal is charged $20. >> does that $20 go to the fishermen? >> i doubt that. coming up, vote postponed. the senate focuses on the deadly attack in libya and pushes back the decision on the president's choice for next defense secretary. if and how this may affect chuck hagel's chances. >> dramatic images as the nightmare ends for thousands of cruise passengers. >> plus, an astroid will come close to earth today, as a meteor bursts into flames above russia. an update on the space show and amazing video ahead. >> first, a live look outside. we're starting off the weekend
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with a wintry mix. 7:26now.
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take a look. welcome back. amazing pictures of a meteor falling to earth in central russia. it entered the atmosphere in the ural mountains.
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a driver in russia caught this video as he was driving on a highway as the meteor explodes into smaller meterrites. it caused loud explosions, intense flashes. it left a thick white contrail. an apparent sonic boom left broken glass in several cities which hurt over 450 people. later today, an astroid half the size of a football field will come close to earth. even come closer than weather and tv satellites in orbit. but beyond that, nasa is telling people not to worry and it will not hit earth. at the closest point it will be 17,000 miles away from here. just after 2:00 this afternoon. >> if it were to hit earth on land, it would be catastrophic and if it hit in the ocean, it would cause a tsunami. >> it's lard for me to believe 17,000 miles, which doesn't
7:31 am
seem that far to me, won't have any effect. >> it's all about -- >> ecosystem. okay. good. >> also said the meteor that hit russia was the size of an suv. >> that would have nothing to do with the density of it, right? >> wasn't suv shaped or anything. >> i got to get to weather. >> it's over. >> it was not in the hov lane. panel i got to do weather. temperatures in the 30s. 37 at reagan national. 36 leonardtown. 34 in salisbury. 20s to the south and west. more clear skies out west here early this morning. 27 culpeper. we're going to warm up into the
7:32 am
low 50s with sunshine early. don't be fooled. clouds moving in later and eventually rain showers. could see a transition over to a period of snow like a couple of nights ago. it's possible 9:00, 10:00 tonight you could see snowflakes and could be slight accumulations. maybe a covering, maybe up to an inch. forecast gets complicated this weekend. this frontal system will hang up to our east, and it's looking more and more likely we'll get another area of low pressure developing along that front. the problem is, mother nature not showing her cards here. we don't know where that area of low pressure will set up and exactly how it will track. but it may be close enough that we'll be talking about potentially snow in the area tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow night. i think the best chance will be east and south of washington. but it will be a close call.
7:33 am
depends where the low pressure develops, and how close to our region. certainly a possibility we could see something. we could see very little. parts of the area could be talking about an accumulating snow, particularly towards ocean city. definitely watch the forecast carefully over the next 24 hours. got to watch the way that low develops. 54today. 33 tonight. rain to snow. confident we'll see snow tonight. up colder overnight. possibility of snow tomorrow. i think tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow night. sunday particularly cold with highs in the 30s. 40s by monday. let's get to traffic. julie? >> busy especially on the east side. accident on the outer loop of the beltway. it has cleared. down to about 16 miles per hour. now receiving word that ritchie marlboro road is shut down between white house road and brown road. delay westbound on 50 in maryland coming from the
7:34 am
beltway and continuing to 410. accident activity cleared. slow traffic headed towards river daily. the crash eastbound 7 at columbia pike. stay to the left to get through. delays traveling on the other side of town. no accidents to report now for those traveling 395 across the 14th street bridge. volume delays from the pentagon crossing over the potomac. one more camera, no accidents to report now on the beltway outer loop. pace is slowing between 95 and georgia avenue. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. thank you, julie. a big sigh of relief for thousands of stranded cruise ship passengers. the damaged ship finally arrived late last night to a port in mobile, alabama. more than 4,000 people were stuck at sea for nearly a week with no power, no running water, and a limited food supply. passengers became stranded after an engine fire on board the ship.
7:35 am
crews were able to put the fire out, but the boat lost power. despite nightmarish conditions, passengers applaud the ship's crew. >> as far as the crew, they were phenomenal. they were absolutely phenomenal. the way that they were attentive to the passengers. have you guys ate? need me to carry your bags, need more towels, bags, anything? some of these people have been working since day one with two hours of sleep the whole seven days we were away. >> carnival is giving the passengers a refund, $500 in compensation, and discounts on future cruises. playing politics. president obama calls out republicans after a vote is delayed on the confirmation of former senator chuck hagel as the next defense secretary. yesterday the senate blocked the vote which now will take place february 26th. instead, question the deadly raid on libya. joining us now to see where we
7:36 am
are is a staff writer at roll call. good to see you again. where are we right now? >> as you're saying, we're kind of in a delay. the indication is from senate republicans that in fact, senator hagel, former senator hagel will have the 60 votes needed to overcome a filibuster threat and to limit debate after the presidents day recess, which the senate is gone off on for a week. looks like we're basically in a delay that does not have a particular cause. there are questions that they still want answered on the republican side about a couple of different issues about financial disclosures and about benghazi. there were more questions there. but ultimately at the end of the day it looks like senator hagel will be confirmed and will be running the pentagon by the end of the month. >> okay. want to get back to, you know, the matter at hand.
7:37 am
i got to stop you and ask, for folks who might not be familiar with these terms, we had a segment on the filibuster and they were trying to cut back on the number used. after harry reid said the republicans were filibustering hagel, he called for a vote yesterday. cloture, filibuster, what is it? >> cloture is a maneuver to limit debate to essentially end a filibuster. >> to get to the vote already? >> to get to the vote. a filibuster is where you're delaying and you keep talking or keep having procedural delays to keep something from passing or from being -- someone from being confirmed. i'll say this, is one of the conundrums the republicans have been having is that sometimes senator reid will actually file
7:38 am
a motion for cloture to limit debate when there hasn't actually been a filibuster present. >> some are crying foul on that. back to the nomination, is it a smoke screen of sorts to bring up issues that you mentioned, talking about the attack in libya, and other issues before? have we not gone through these sort of hearings, or is this legitimate, legitimate concerns republicans need answers before a vote can happen? >> well, this is the way the process works. i was talking a couple of days ago to senator lindsey graham from south carolina, who is one of the people raising these questions. he says there's so little leverage that the minority party has otherwise to get answers from an administration of the other party. so a lot of this is, you know, you have to use -- in their view, at least, you have to use this opportunity to force the administration to answer questions that they may have, because it's one of the few times that they have the
7:39 am
leverage to do it. >> we saw a lot of bipartisan wrangling. we've seen it in years with the last congress, surely. is this an indication we might be up against the same type of bipartisan bickering, or is this just as you said, this is just the process when you're nominating, somebody as important as the next secretary of defense? >> in this case it may be because of the importance of the position. i think what we have to look for in the months ahead is if this happens on more routine nominations. district judges start being delayed. if there are matters that are sort of the routine business of the day that the government just has to get done to function, all starts getting delayed again as it has in recent years, then we'll see that the changes that were made in january in the senate's rule didn't go far enough. but secretary of defense
7:40 am
nomination, it's a cabinet level nomination, so maybe we shouldn't be surprised. >> the final word here, you say when the senate does reconvene this vote will lap, and you're saying you expect hagel to be nominated, to get through? >> yeah. i think senator hagel will get through once they come back from recess. there are republicans who voted no yesterday who say yes, after the recess i will vote yes. so there will be some flip flopping going on. you know, the old issue with senator kerry when he was running for president, that people accused him of voting for things and then voting against them. there will be some of that. >> you have written extensively on the nomination of chuck hagel as next secretary of defense. thank you. we'll be right back. 
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it's your look at the new and note worthy in the week ahead. it's your capital run down for the week of february 18, 2013. monday is president's day. mount vernon the u.s. army's old guard will mark george
7:44 am
washington's 281st birthday. there will be a military demonstration and wreath laying. admission is free. tuesday, the hippa summit in d.c., as mental health privacy is at the center of the gun control debate. wednesday, february 20th, the u.s. supreme court hears arguments, asking if virginia child service officials violated a rhode island father's right to child support information because he did not live in the state. that case starts at 10:00 a.m. thursday, february 21st, the federal mind safety commission will hold hearings on the u.s. department of labor's complaints against coal mine companies that they failed to comply with regulations.
7:45 am
friday, february 22nd, the united states senate building will hold a congressional briefing on operation streamline. it starts at 10:00 a.m. that's your capital rundown for the week of february 18, 2013. you can find more on or on twitter, with the #capitalrundown. i'm tom fitzgerald, see you next week. thank you. let's turn our attention to the skies and not falling stuff. >> well, some falling stuff. >> exactly. >> potentially falling stuff. >> not crazy falling stuff. regular falling stuff. >> stuff we're good at forecasting, how about that? or some of us are good at forecasting. [ laughter ] >> you are. >> careful what i say there. 37 reagan national. 32 pittsburgh this morning. 30 columbus. here's the deal, we're going to warm up. low 50s today. sunshine to start your day. you're going to think, oh, it's a beautiful day. and it will be.
7:46 am
until the clouds move in. and by 5:00, 6:00 tonight, rain showers will move in from the west. frontal system moving through. and this front means business. by that i mean cold air behind it. later tonight we're going to start to see a wintry mix for parts of the area and potentially maybe even a transition to plain old snow here between 10:00 and midnight. futurecast, 6:00 tonight, rain moving from the west. remember, we started the day mild. temperatures will start to fall. we'll start to get that mix around here 9:00, 10:00 tonight, and possible, particularly washington and points north and north and east towards columbia, ellicott city and baltimore, that the snow could be coming down pretty good. remember a couple of nights ago we had the big flakes? could be light accumulations out there later tonight. no advisories. but we'll have to watch the progress carefully. to make things more complicated, this same front is going to hang up to our east later tonight and during the day tomorrow. there are indications, although
7:47 am
not all of our weather computer models agree, there are indications yet another area of low pressure that will try to develop and ride up and along that. bottom line, potential for more snow for parts of the area tomorrow. we can't say where that line is going to be or how much there might be. but i think the farther east you go, the better chances you'll see snow tomorrow. and of course, we'll fine tune that forecast. still have to wait for the computers to come together. cold sunday, 36. >> all right. >> thanks, tuck. here's julie wright with the latest on traffic. >> right here. >> hey, julie. >> he's like, where did she go? 395 the accident we had before the 14th street bridge cleared. all lanes open. nice sunny day, tucker barnes. not too bad continuing across the potomac. inner loop of the beltway. westbound 236 had the crash, follow police direction.
7:48 am
southbound along 270. it's better than usual for friday. moving at speed in rockdale headed to the split. we've had big tieups this morning on the east side of town. started with a crash at ritchie mallboro road which has cleared. eastbound 7 at columbia pike wrapping up accident activity there. there is an accident closing the highway in each direction between brown road and white house road. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. thank you, julie. tangled up, under the sea and a vacation to neverland. >> the cast of treasure trove hits the ice. good morning, holly. >> reporter: good morning. they are hitting the ice early just for us, because that's how we roll here on fox 5 morning news. we're live at the verizon center, where yes, disney on ice has skated into town for yet another memorable show for you and your family. we're going to tell you all about discovering the riches that is indeed treasure trove
7:49 am
live next on fox 5 morning news. stay with us. look at these crazy lost boys. hmmm. uh... yeah, can you find a take where it's a bit more dramatic on that last line, yeah? yeah i got it right here. someone help me!!! i have a flat tire!!! well it's good... good for me. what do you think? geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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[ male announcer ] we began with the rx. ♪ then we turned the page, creating the rx hybrid.
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♪ now we've turned the page again with the rx f sport. ♪ this is the next chapter for the rx and the next chapter for lexus. this is the pursuit of perfection.
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i have waited long enough to meet doris vargas, and you are the facebook fan of the day, on a friday. she says she wakes up to us every morning. thank you for watching. hope you have a great weekend. for your chance to be monday's fan of the day, like our facebook page and post a comment below doris's picture. >> has she been on vacation or something? oh, the music is for this. are you ready to get tangled up with rapunzel? how about a visit to neverland? >> this weekend all your favorite disney characters are taking to the ice. holly joins us live from the verizon center. tony calls it the big v, holly,
7:53 am
the verizon center. >> reporter: i'd like to take the big v, as in vacation. i wouldn't mind taking a vacation to disney. since i'm not doing that, i am here at the big v, tony, verizon center, where disney on ice has skated into town. let's say it's an embarrassment of riches this show. they call it treasure trove and it brings 50 plus disney characters to life. one of the skaters is standing next to me. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> reporter: your favorite disney character? >> princess jasmine. >> reporter: i like that. i had so much fun reading about you. you are one interesting cat. she's going to be an inspiration to a lot of people out there. you grew up in montana, right? >> yes. >> reporter: you wanted to be a skater. it was hard to be a skater in montana. explain at that to me. >> well, figure skating is not that prominent of a sport in montana. ice rinks are only open in the hockey season, because it
7:54 am
brings in the money. typically the rinks close down in april and won't open until september. >> reporter: is it true you watched youtube videos to get coaching and e-mailed coaches to get tips because it wasn't available in your area? >> yes, ma'am. i had a coach until i was about 12 and she moved away to boston. i e-mailed her religiously. i'm falling on my double loop, i don't know what's going on. she would say try this. >> reporter: let me pull it up on youtube. >> right. >> reporter: also i read when you were a junior in high school you were given an assignment, that you didn't do very well on. >> no. it was from our career advisors and they wanted us to put together a portfolio. they said pick a career and list some of your experiences you've had in high school, community service that's related to that. i did one for figure skating. i had my figure skating background, photos of myself in costumes. my teacher was disappointed. she was like, i hoped you would
7:55 am
have taken it seriously,. >> reporter: look who's laughing now. we have video of the show. i want to showcase that. and i was reading that you said the most memorable moment in your life was finding out you made disney on ice. >> absolutely. i still have a scar on my leg when i did a cartwheel in my living room. i got e-mails saying, yep, we have a contract for you. i did a cartwheel, kicked the cabinet,. >> reporter: i can only imagine what it feels like when you were on ice and part of the show. so without further adieu, it's one thing to watch video. it's better to see it live. let's hand the ice over to the lost boys from peter pan. ♪
7:56 am
we're following the leader, the leader, the leader, we're following the leader, whoever he may be ♪ ♪ we won't be home till morning, till morning, till early a.m. ♪ we won't be home till morning, just you wait and see ♪ ♪ we march along ♪ come join the song ♪ ♪ marching all the way ♪ >> reporter: disney on ice here at the verizon center. only through monday.
7:57 am
treasure trove is the show. you can get your tickets now, is our web site. we have a link to theirs. they have one show tonight. three shows saturday. two on sunday. and one presidents day afternoon at 12:30. if you love princess and the frog, we're going to have a production number from that coming up. until then, stay with us, you're watching fox 5 morning news.
7:58 am
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whoa. whoa. that's the first time i've heard it on tv. that, folks, was the sound of a meteor hurdling through the sky, piercing the earth's atmosphere. while you slept, that meteor exploded over russia. this morning, hundreds of people are hurt by this blast from space. >> and it comes just hours before an astroid is expected to pass by earth. the closest one that's ever come to our planet without
8:01 am
hitting it. are the two events related? and is there anything to worry about? a nasa scientist will join us live to explain this unusually active atmosphere. >> i'm not angry, i'm just so happy to be home really. >> back on land, after being stuck for days in the gulf of mexico. a disabled cruise liner finally docks. this morning passengers open up about the conditions they faced on board. >> good morning, i'm tony perkins. >> i'm alison seymour. happy you're with us on a really kind of odd and busy day. >> really is. we'll start with the weather. tucker has stuff to talk about. >> little bit of everything today. mild ahead of our front. 50s. beautiful out now. later today, rain showers and maybe end this evening with snow. >> crazy. >> hodgepodge. >> yes. february in washington. let's get to it. numbers. and i don't know what the number is. 39 at reagan national now. 33 at dulles. bwi marshall is 36 degrees.
8:02 am
temperatures will jump into the low 50s, believe it or not, ahead of our next frontal system, which is taking shape out to the west. rain showers out into kentucky, pushing into western tennessee. that little piece of energy will ride up into the area later today. i think by the end of the rush hour, probably 5:00, six, 7:00 tonight, enough cold air behind the front that like a couple of nights ago, could transition into parts of the area, transition into snow. could be light accumulations on the roads. could be enough to cover your car. could be up to an inch tonight and later tomorrow. forecast could get more interesting this weekend. more on that coming up. let's worry about today first. there's your accuweather seven- day forecast. potential parts of the area could pick up more snow tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow night. i'll have more on that in a few
8:03 am
minutes. let's check in with julie wright for a look at your on- time traffic. >> all right, guys. busy on the highways still at this hour. inner loop from 202 to route 4, 20 minutes heading south. accident closing between white house and brown road. we find the lanes are open in each direction two and from the wilson bridge. it's along 395, past 110, but before the 14th street bridge. a crash was tying up the left side. delays on the outer loop leaving 95 to georgia avenue. out of rockville to the split, doing well above speed towards the american legion bridge. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. news alert of a story the whole world is talking about
8:04 am
today. a meteor shower that caused hundreds of injuries. early this morning a meteor fell over russia. >> it left a thick white contrail as it streaked across the sky. it's estimated it weighed 10 tons and entered the atmosphere -- they say it exploded 18 to 33 miles above ground. listen. [ sonic boom ] >> it caused extensive damage to buildings in six cities. part of the roof of a factory also collapsed. more than 450 people were hurt by flying glass. 34 of them are in the hospital today. that shocking blast over russian skies comes hours before what could be another close call for earth today. an astroid half the size of a football field is set to pass by the earth. for more on the meteor and the
8:05 am
astroid's path, including when it's supposed to pass by, we go to jim garvin, chief scientist at the goddard space center. good morning to you, jim. >> good morning. thanks for having us. >> as i lead into you with this, it sounds like a clip from a science fiction movie, where you see the announcer talking about these events happening. first of all, let's talk about the meteor. how unusual is this? i don't recall hearing about anything like this during my adult lifetime at least. >> meteors fall all the time. this is part of life, and we find meteorites. you can buy them on ebay. >> i did ask a nasa ambassador earlier, because you do mention the astroid, any chance this meteor is a part of that
8:06 am
astroid or related to that astroid? >> at this point, after preliminary analysis, we think not. just a cosmic coincidence. an astroid passing within around 17,000 miles of earth and just before this cosmic collision event that led to a fall of these meteorites and the effects on people. >> now, i know that meteors fall all the time, but certainly one of this size, with this sonic boom and, you know, causing alarms to go off and glass to break and injuring people, that is unusual, right? >> well, it is unusual because the earth is a big place, and only fall in a place where people are able to notice every so often. a few years ago one fell in the north african desert and we think it came from mars and no one would have noticed basically. so this is life in the cosmic environment we live in. >> let's talk about the astroid. it's coming within 17,000 miles
8:07 am
of earth. are we certain, and i don't want to be an alarmist, i know we don't have anything to worry about, but how certain are you about that path? any chance it could come closer? >> we are extremely confident that the predictions, the work done by our team is extremely precise. as precise as the orbits of the satellites we fly. so we think there's absolutely no risk. want to reassure everyone, this is purely an opportunity for us to witness an historic event. it will be a great opportunity for science to learn about these critical objects, part of our lives in the solar system. >> what about us regular folk, can we see the astroid? if so, what will it look like? >> we won't be able to hear in the eastern united states. will fly by 2:30 in the afternoon. the sun will be up. in the south pacific, people might can see a streaking white dot in the sky with binoculars.
8:08 am
our radar telescopes in california can image it and will allow us to have detail on the object. >> tell us a little bit about the future of astroid research. a lot is being done in that field. >> indeed. nasa has tripled our budget to study these objects. the next mission will rewrite the text books. we'll be flying into orbit around the biggest astroids between mars and jupiter in the next couple of years. so this particular event really opens our eyes to the importance of these objects in the solar system. small objects seem almost too small to be noticed, but they're important. they leave behind their records, impact of other objects, moon, mars, whatever,
8:09 am
and give us opportunities to collect samples to tell us about how we got to be the way we are. >> quite a busy and extraordinary day in the world of astronomy. thank you very much, sir. we'll talk to you again later. thank you. >> thank you. >> allison? mr. garvin made me feel a little better, thank you. another big story this morning, a big welcome home for thousands of people stranded on board a carnival cruise ship for days. the ship docked at a port in mobile, alabama last night after passengers endured nearly a week of what they say was horrendous conditions. no power, no running water and flooded cabins. fox5's sherri ly is live in the newsroom with this story. what a mess. >> it was, allison. and passengers, their waiting families, they cheered as this cruise ship docked. it took four hours to get everyone off. this morning many of them are now in hotels or on the way
8:10 am
home, thankful to finally be back home. the carnival cruise ship triumph arrived in mobile late last night. more than 4,000 people on the ship endured five days with no power after an engine room fire. passengers complained of overflowing toilets, unsanitary conditions. things got so bad, people slept on the open deck. buses took passengers to hotels in new orleans. some headed back to texas where the ship was based. many of those passengers were tired, just happy to be on dry land after this horrific ordeal at sea. >> everybody was, you know, using buckets to do what they had to do. those poor crew members, they were coming in immediately and clean it up by hand and wait for the next person to come in. it was horrible. >> got to go with the flow. really nothing you can do. you're there, you're stuck. there's no reason to panic. >> the cruise line gave passengers a full refund, $500
8:11 am
compensation, and an apology for what it's worth. now people really just relieved. a number of passengers said they would not take a cruise again after all this. what about you? here's what some of our viewers told u.s.s. on facebook. cindy said, after seeing how they handled that situation, cruises are out of the question for me. seems anything on dry land would be more welcoming. angie said "i'd go again. planes crash, but i still fly. things happen, but thank god no one died. that's the important thing ." the national transportation safety board is launching an investigation. >> glad it's over for those folks. political showdown. republicans block chuck hagel's nomination for defense secretary. coming up, we'll talk with fox
8:12 am
news sunday host chris wallace about what the next move is. >> plus, never slowing down. coming up, actress bernadette stannis will talk about her new show hitting the stage today and tomorrow. coming up on 8:12. we'll be right back. some folks didn't think that our coffee was their flavor,,
8:13 am
it wasn't their cup. if you don't like that dark roast, we've created a coffee for you. blonde is a beautiful, light roasted coffee. kind of mellow, sweet, a little citrusy. for me, personally, i love connecting with people, so blonde roast just gives me a whole nother reason to connect with more customers. ♪
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where does the morning go? >> busy morning. >> tucker barnes is joining us with the weather. >> and the my first 5 photo of the day. >> cuteness factor. >> look at that face! >> beautiful. >> i cannot even look. that's it. i'm going to have another baby. >> i think that's a great idea. >> you heard it here. you heard it here first. >> take the picture down. >> hannah sew key in a you have inspired me. >> no, you've done enough. >> i've populated the earth enough. beautiful. >> all bundled up.
8:16 am
we love your hat. and as you can see, her mom says she is very photogenic and we agree, don't we? >> super cute. >> adorable. >> beautiful. >> adorable. >> go to and click on mornings to send in your child's picture. you'll need that hat this weekend, upper 30s and 40s this weekend. today, 50s. 39 # now in washington. 39 leonardtown. 20s in frederick and manassas it's 28 degrees. 32 in fredericksburg. colonial beach, you're 34. virginia, mid-30s as well. sunshine to start the day. warm temperatures ahead of our front. highs in the low to mid-50s. the front will move in later this afternoon. we're going to cloud up. by the end of the evening rush hour, shower activity. and a little area of low pressure will develop along this front, and that means that we have the potential for rain
8:17 am
transitioning to snow later tonight. forecast gets a little complicated from here. maybe a little snow by tomorrow morning. could be more tomorrow afternoon. and 36 on sunday. that's weather. let's do traffic with julie wright. >> tony doesn't get to tell you about babies. you have beautiful girls. >> thank you. >> my question is, does mark know? >> breaking news. no more babies, all right. >> inner loop of the beltway slow moving traffic 202 to route 4. closed between brown road and white house road. traveling along 395, accident before 110 tying up the left lane. delays from washington boulevard southbound on 270. no issues to report out of rockville headed to the split. that's a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. thank you. the president gives his state
8:18 am
of the union, and tea party favorite senator rand paul responds. also republicans block president obama's pick for defense secretary with senator lindsey graham saying he will hold up hagel's nomination. they are the big talkers on fox news sun, and chris wallace joins us with a preview. good morning. >> good morning. before i start, let me ask you a question. where did the president go for valentine's day dinner last night? >> i don't know. >> let me tell you, i was taking lorraine, mrs. wallace, out to dinner downtown, and we went past his street, and it was completely blocked off. so i know where he was having dinner. i mean, i know what street, but i don't know what restaurant. >> i have breaking news, mini bar. i was told he was at mini bar. >> very expensive. >> uh-huh. i'm surprised you weren't there too, chris. >> i wasn't there. we had a lovely dinner at fiola's, which i can highly recommend. >> i love it.
8:19 am
unfortunately, the news of the day does prevail. we have to talk about what's going on in the hagel nomination. seems to be a temporary block. a lot of wrangling on the hill. >> i think he's going to get through. congress is on a break for a week now. but the republicans demanded that there be a delay for at least this 10 days until they come back. and they want more information about hagel. but especially about benghazi, about the terror attack there, what the president and his administration knew beforehand, what they were doing during the attack. they feel they haven't gotten those answers and they have leverage and they're going to use it. i think hagel will get through, but later rather than sooner. we're going to talk to lindsey graham, who has been leading the fight among republicans, one, to block the hagel nomination and use that to get more information. >> you're going to be sitting down with senator paul for his take on the agenda this go
8:20 am
around for president obama. >> marco rubio is a very conservative senator, and darling of the tea party, and he was the one chosen by the republican establishment to give the response, the official response to the president. and yet the tea party felt he wasn't good enough, so they got rand paul to give in effect the response to rubio's response. we'll talk to paul, his critique of the obama administration and agenda, and his critique, and he has things he doesn't like about his own party. do you mind if i take a drink? >> you go right ahead. been a pleasure talking to you. i can go into this weekend with more confidence that to me about inside information about what's going on in washington. >> there you go. >> see you sunday. you can catch fox news sunday 9:00 sunday morning right after fox 5 morning news. all right. thank you very much. now, a track star breaks down
8:21 am
in court. coming up, the new charge that oscar pistorius is facing in the murder of his girlfriend. >> plus, ice skating disney stars. holly is live later with a preview of every child's chilly dream. it's 8:20 now. we'll be right back. this is so sick! i can't believe your mom let you take her car out. this is awesome! whoooo! you're crazy. go faster! go faster! go faster! go faster! no! stop...stop... (mom) i raised my son to be careful... hi, sweetie. hi, mom. (mom) but just to be safe... i got a subaru. (announcer) love. it's what makes a subaru a subaru.
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♪ time to jump in to something new ♪ ♪ ♪ the best part of wakin' up ♪ is folgers in your cup
8:24 am
welcome back. a fox 5 follow-up this morning. police in alexandria have ruled the death of a 94-year-old man a homicide. he was found dead inside his holly street home wednesday in what appeared to have been a violent attack. while police have not made an arrest in the murder, they did arrest a woman for robbing the home last november. officers won't say how they identified her as a suspect in that case, but the home is surrounded by security cameras. a judge is promising transcripts will be released in the chandra levy case. the public will learn more. closed door hearings in recent weeks could signal a problem with the prosecution, after two and a half hours of sealed hearings yesterday, judge
8:25 am
fisher said partial transcripts would some redactions will be made available in the next week. marking a milestone in afghanistan, the number of american troops killed in the line of duty is declining. it's been over 25 days since a u.s. service member has been killed. that is the longest stretch since 2008. by this time next year, president obama plans to bring 34,000 troops home. right now afghans lead over 80% of combat operations. president barack obama will be at the white house later this morning to honor 18 people with 2012 presidential citizens medals. it is the second highest civilian honor in the nation and is given to those who perform extraordinary acts to help others. among those being honored, two people from our area.
8:26 am
maria gomez, and harry wofford. congratulations to everyone today. it is 8:25 on this friday morning. still ahead, she was a star on the hit tv series "good times." now bern nadette stanis is entertaining audiences on stage. she's in town this weekend, and she will join us live next for a sneak peek at her new show, showing here in our region. >> plus, life after leading the catholic church. a look at what retirement will be like for pope benedict xvi. we'll be right back.
8:27 am
8:28 am
8:29 am
if you haven't heard this yet, it's an amazing story. making headlines, a meteor explodes over central russia, injuring hundreds. witnesses report seeing explosions and intense flashes early this morning. russian emergency officials say -- we're getting various
8:30 am
reports. now we're being told more than 500 people are being treated for injuries from broken glass from the sonic boom. police in california are confirming the body discovered inside a burned out cabin is that of former l.a.p.d. officer christopher dorner, wanted for the murder of two law enforcement officials and a woman and her fiance. prosecutors will pursue a charge of premeditated murder against oscar pistorius. the disabled runner is seen here arriving at court early this morning where he reportedly wept during the hearing. he is accused of shooting and killing his model girlfriend, reeva steenkamp inside his home yesterday. he has denied the charges. pope benedict xvi is expected to step down in less than two weeks. he offered his resignation. questions are coming up over
8:31 am
how much influence the pope will exert over his successor. he'll get a lot of help from his private secretary. the 56-year-old will live with pope benedict in his retirement home and go to work every day as the perfect of the papal household. it suggests the monsignor will have influence on the papacy. >> he'll be the right hand man to the new pope also. it's hard to believe he won't carry reflections, opinions from one man to the other. pope benedict xvi will be in supposed isolation, but he'll be connected daily through this intermediary. >> the resignation date of february 28th was chosen to give enough time to elect a
8:32 am
successor and have him in place by easter sunday. i was going to say, if you want to learn more about the meteorite, we talked about it this morning, and it's on our web site. >> we also talked with another nasa scientist and probably will be on the web site later. >> and i offered my scare tactic. >> skip that. >> 50s later today. bring a jacket if you're going out tonight. cold. and rain showers may mix and change to snow later tonight. >> i forget that, people go out on friday nights. >> yeah, they do. >> they do? >> yeah, remember that. >> they take children? >> no. >> i'm going out tonight. [ laughter ] >> reagan national in the 30s. 39 degrees now at reagan national. low 50s later today. temperatures will warm up temporarily.
8:33 am
temporarily. bring a jacket tonight. going to get colder as the rain showers and eventually the possibility of snow showers move in. nice and quiet. clouds move in later this afternoon. and with it rain showers 5:00, 6:00 tonight moving in from the west. area of low pressure will develop along this frontal system and enhance the rain around here, and drag in cold air. just like a couple of nights ago, could mix it with snow, could transition over to snow. perhaps light accumulations north of washington, maybe a covering, maybe up to an inch of snow later tonight with this event that's moving through. here's your futurecast, rain showers just to our west by 7:00. and watch that rain/snow move through. 11:00tonight, even inside the beltway getting snowflakes. light accumulations into montgomery county, howard county, towards columbia and baltimore. may be part one. we'll have to watch part two. that will develop later tomorrow. another area of low pressure will ride up and along this front. we don't know where that area
8:34 am
of low pressure will set up. there is possibility parts of the area, just a possibility, parts of the region tomorrow could receive more snow. best chance will be east and south. looks like it will be cold enough. we don't know how much precipitation we're going to have in here. have to watch the forecast tomorrow carefully. seven-day forecast, pretty much guarantee the showers. cold sunday, clearing out with temperatures in the 30s. holiday monday, back in the 40s. that's a look at the weather forecast. i'm tossing to you, tony. yes, you are. thank you, tucker. it's the story of a pastor torn between loyalties to his family and congregation. behind the pulpit is a gospel comedy that promises laughter, faith and song, and it's in town for a limited time today and tomorrow, three shows. joining us now with more details is one of the stars of the show, the lovely bern nadette stanis. we are always very happy to have you. >> thank you. thank you. >> you look as beautiful as
8:35 am
ever. >> thank you so much. >> welcome back to town. >> i'm so happy to be here. >> i'm sure you are. and this show, i know you've been through several cities right now so far. >> yes. >> how is it going so far? >> wonderful. we just came back from fayetteville, and we'll be going to louisiana. going to dallas, texas. that's the next stop. >> i told a little bit about the show. tell us more about the story. >> well,s about my husband, who plays terrell stokes, and he's a wonderful pastor, but we have a problem because he's not paying attention to the family. there's a little conflict there. he ignores our son. but it's only because he's so busy with the church, you know. >> right. it's the old -- you know, the thing about these types of plays, there is a lot of reality to these shows. and there are many people who have been in this type of circumstance. >> absolutely. it's not his fault. he has the flock he has to
8:36 am
guide. you know, but the wife here is having a hard time with this. >> you've had about enough of it. >> i've had enough. >> you mentioned terrell phillips. >> yes. tony terry. and we have the gospel singer porter. >> paul porter, yes. >> uh-huh. >> that's a great cast. we're going to tell you, it's going to be at reid. this type of show, there's a little bit of everything in it, right? >> yes. >> laughter -- >> laughter, comedy, the singing is awesome. of course, i play the heavy, the actress, the whole thing. and it's a wonderful message it's in the churches and people are loving it. they're asking us to come back to the same places that we've been. it's going to be a really wonderful show. >> what attracts you to these types of shows? you've been in town before
8:37 am
doing other shows. what attracts you? >> i love stage. i'm from juliard. if it's a good message i want to be part of it. >> you were fortunate, because with "good times" and most situation comedies, it's shot in front of a live audience. >> same type of thing. we have the security of doing it over if you make a mistake. on stage, no way. it's the way it's going to be, you know. >> right. with television, i know that doing a show like "good times" and every other show in that genre, it's a lot of hard work. sometimes people don't realize it. if you had the opportunity would you do it again? >> absolutely. >> yeah? >> yes. and with that cast. >> with that cast? >> sure would. >> we had jimmy on the show, probably six months ago now, still on the road. >> yes. we communicate all the time.
8:38 am
>> you do? >> absolutely. and michael also. all the time. they call me as if i'm really their sister. >> i mean, i would imagine, and i've heard this from other people, when you work and that show was on for several years, you spend more time with your acting family than with your own family. >> absolutely. and those five years it was like a family. and then when the show was over, it was like you really miss your family. we have our little reunions. >> for you and your real family, when you're doing a show like now, is it tough to be on the road? >> it is. because my daughter just turned 18. and i wasn't there for her. because i'm going to make it up when i get home. that's how we do it. >> not there for her 18th birthday? >> no. >> that's tough. >> isn't that tough? >> yeah. does she -- what's her thought, because she sees you in the reruns and you were playing, you were about 18 years old or so. >> it's amazing, because i have two daughters and i can see both of my daughters in myself when i'm on there. they say, mommy, look, and they
8:39 am
>> that's funny. that's wonderful. you're a joy. we love having you here. >> thank you. >> it's only three shows. tickets are still available for all the shows. it's called "behind the pulpit." it's at reid temple. >> right. two for one. >> yeah. you're doing a date night special. >> right. for valentine's day. >> valentine's day. >> weekend. >> tonight at 8:00, and tomorrow at 3 # and 8:00. buy one ticket ask get another ticket free. taking place in glendale, maryland. there's all the information. we'll have the information on our web site, as well. we like having you here. come back again. >> thank you. and i will. >> very good. bern nadette stanis. allison, back to you. >> what a treat. thank you. also, what a win. coming up later this hour, a teen contestant scores big on jeopardy! without the right answer. we'll explain. plus, the racing presidents get in on spring training. find out how they are warming up for what is sure to be a
8:40 am
winning season. time now 8:39. we'll be right back. this is dylan right here, this is dylan, and this is his big brother hayden. dylan's only five, but he's already been through two surgeries for brain tumors. and he just went through his second round of chemo. and this is their mother, dawn, who runs this loving and happy home.
8:41 am
she too struggled with tumors. but that doesn't slow her down. her love of family comes first. their dad, phil, works two jobs, repairing copiers, and on weekends delivering newspapers. but the bills keep piling up, and the heating bill gets pushed off. when you learn about their difficulties, it just breaks your heart. when we asked the biggest oil companies to help families in need, only citgo, the people of venezuela, and president hugo chavez responded. thanks to them, citizens energy is able to deliver millions of gallons of fuel to families just like the berios. i'm joe kennedy. if you need help staying warm, call me at 1-877-joe-4-oil. because no one should be left out in the cold!
8:42 am
♪ put me in coach, i'm ready to play ♪ the nats say they are ready to play and win. they're in florida for spring training. the fans are talking about already about a postseason run. they have the roster stacked
8:43 am
and most visitation to make it -- motivation to make it happen. davey johnson says it's world series or bust. strasburg and gonzalez lead drills yesterday. coming up, we'll talk with scott smith who is in florida with the home team. the racing presidents are also getting ready for the season. starting today the newest member, bill, will face off against teddy for a race all the way to mount rushmore. the two will meet the rest of the gang at the landmark on presidents day. you can vote on who you think should win. the nats are expected to release more information about that contest later today. good news, we'll all learn more about william taft. >> racing all the way to mount rushmore? >> yeah. >> wow. to football now, an update on robert griffin iii. they're optimistic he'll be
8:44 am
back on the field for the start of the season. but that decision will ultimately be left up to doctors. team officials say there's a long way to go as the star continues to recover from a knee injury, but there are reports that griffin will be ready to be the starting quarterback as early as week one. >> don't want them to push him. >> rather be safe. >> want him to be healthy. >> i want to see him play, but take your time. it is a friday morning, everybody. still ahead, "american idol" reveals the top 40. find out what's next for the contestants. >> holly is hitting the ice with disney stars. good morning, holly. >> reporter: good morning to you. there are worse ways to start friday than hanging on the ice with my disney besties. they are a few of the disney characters in town for disney on ice treasure trove live at the verizon center where we are this morning. coming up, we're going to tell
8:45 am
you about the show and plus have a live performance. stay with us. i'i've discovered gold.
8:46 am
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fan of the day. we say -- >> hello! >> hello to doris vargas. we have the same haircut i'm noticing. doris is heading into the weekend with the title today of fan of the day. she says she wakes up to fox 5 morning news every morning. we thank you so much for watching. for your chance to be monday's fan of the day, like our facebook page and post a comment below doris's lovely picture. i'm not just saying that because we share the same hair taste. >> she's lovely. she reminds me of someone. it's being called an unforgettable journey set to a magic medley of music. disney on ice presents treasure trove. >> it's a chance to meet your favorite disney princesses, and their friends. holly morris has more from the verizon center. >> reporter: when you think about all the disney characters out there, that's quite the party. when you get them all together.
8:49 am
that is the case when it comes to treasure trove, as they have some 50 disney characters taking to the ice for this special show. one of those is ms. terry faulk. she's joining me this morning. she's princess tiana. >> good morning. >> reporter: it is an honor to be a disney princess. >> it is. it's a dream come true and a lot of little girls think about when they're kids. >> reporter: you probably thought about it when you were a kid, because if anybody should be in a disney show, it's someone whose own town is orlando. >> yes. >> reporter: all disney all the time when you're from orlando? >> it's pretty disney. i go every week, because i have an annual week. >> reporter: now you're just bragging. she has an annual pass to disney. oh, come on. some people might be thinking, ice skating in orlando. we might not think that's a popular sport there. >> yeah. there are a lot of ice skaters and ice rinks, just not so much outside. >> reporter: we're fine until
8:50 am
they turn around. face that way. i know where you go. you spent time ice skating in orlando. you went into ice skating because you had too much energy? >> yeah, i was an athletic kid and liked to run and play, climbing trees and flipping around. >> reporter: a good way to get rid of that excess energy. tell me about being a part of this show. what it's like to be princess tiana and to be a cast member with such iconic figures. >> the show is really great. we have a lot of different characters from different movies, which is cool because you have the new princesses and you have the old classics like snow white. so the parents can share a little bit of their childhood memories with the movies they watched in the show. >> reporter: really is good for all ages. disney has been around for ages. >> yes. >> reporter: when i was reading about you, it said that you really like the moment when you capture the audience. >> yes. >> reporter: how do you know
8:51 am
that you've captured the audience? >> you just know. it's in their faces, body language. they get up off their feet. we have a segment with the incredibles and they'll stand up and work out with us. the kids singing along. it's interactive and great for everyone. >> reporter: as fun for the people in the show as for the people watching? >> oh, yeah, definitely amazing time. i love my work every day. >> reporter: you know, you're traveling with this show, and how do you, like, stay in tip top shape and top form at the top of your game? >> well, we skate a lot. we take care of ourselves. we rest and work out. but we make sure to have time to have fun. i explored d.c. >> reporter: good for you. >> all the museums. >> reporter: what was your favorite? >> the air and space museum. i've been there before, but i never get tired of it. >> reporter: we live here and we never get tired of it. i was reading your preshow ritual, which is tying your
8:52 am
skates the last second. explain that to me. >> always been like that, even when i competed. a nervous habit, but makes me feel good. >> reporter: nervous habits are good if they send us in the right direction. the direction we want to send you now is to the ice. we're going to hand it over for a little hakuna matata. ♪ what a wonderful phrase ♪ micah do ♪ ain't no passing craze ♪ it means no worries for the rest of your days ♪ ♪ it's our problem-free philosophy ♪ ♪ hakuna matata ♪ >> take pumbaa here, when he was a young wart hog ♪ when i was a young wart hog ♪
8:53 am
♪ he could clear the savannah after every meal ♪ ♪ oh the shame ♪ how did you feel every time that you ♪ >> reporter: disney on ice is here through monday. they have one show tonight at 7:30. three different shows saturday. two on sunday. and they have an afternoon 12:30 show on president's day. you can get your tickets now on that's our web site. we have a link to theirs. new want to come out and enjoy. in the next hour we are going to enjoy princess and the frog. i said that last hour, but they said it's coming out in our 9:00 hour. hakuna matata as you head into the weekend, no worries. back to you all. >> great life. all right. holly, thank you so much.
8:54 am
you are our top 20 season 12 on idol. >> all right. "american idol" reveals its top 20 girls on last night's show. the girls belted it out for the top spot. later the top 20 were revealed. they will now join the 20 guys in las vegas for the final round of cuts. a female singer hasn't won since 2007. how did she do last night? >> okay. wacky and unique, but she was okay. all right. moving on. a teen jeopardy! contestant's big win. during last week's show leonard cooper didn't know the final answer, but it didn't matter. take a look. >> now we go to leonard. he's looking pretty happy. why? did he come up with eisenhower? >> no, i didn't. >> you didn't.
8:55 am
[ laughter ] >> you did indeed. come on over here. >> talk about a big win. fans are calling this one of the most entertaining final jeopardy! moments ever. before the final question, leonard doubled his money by betting it all on a daily double. wow. >> all right. >> very good. 8:54 now on this friday morning. the mystery machine makes a stop in our studios. stay tuned to find out where you can catch your scooby doo favorites this weekend. >> plus, a meteor splashes through the russian skies. hundreds are injured. what we're learning about its splash through the earth's atmosphere.  my father loves coffy,
8:56 am
8:57 am
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8:59 am
good morning. i'm tony perkins. >> i'm alison seymour. another brush with winter weather to end the work week. tucker will tell us if it's anything we need to get worked up about. >> then a real life sky fall. a 10-ton hunk of heaven falls to earth sending hundreds to the hospital. we'll have a live report. >> i'm sherri ly live in the newsroom. reaction from passengers overjoyed to finally be on dry land. >> and later, the boys of summer are back for spring training. we'll go live to sunny florida for a look at how the nats are getting back in shape. we are joined by -- having audio problems. >> sherri, we can hear you, if you can hear us. >> hearing all kinds of stuff here. tucker barnes is here to tell us
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